g 1
Windows are not allowed to be covered with black foil, only clear foil allowed ( heat cracks ).

g 2
All windows are in the ownership of MASSCLUSIVITY until the last invoice is paid.

g 3
Delay of payment can cause a delay in installation or finally to the removal of already installd windows and doors.

g 4
For the doors and windows the sectional drawings are to notice.

g 5
If anodized aluminium get in contact with plaster or cement, the aluminium will corrode and get damaged.

g 6
All doors and windows open to the inside, except it´s clearly explained in the quote.

g 7
All doors or windows open to the outside are not 100% waterproofed. For damages is no responsibility from the MASSCLUSIVITY.

g 8
Wedges and spacers have to be left where they are placed. That is part of the installation.

g 9
All glass is very sensitive for sparks from grinders. It will burn into the glass surface immediately.

g 10
Don´t store items direct behind a double glazing. The daylight or sun will heat up the glass on that spot and create a heat crack.

g 11
Do not clean the glass or frames with any liquid different from soapy water.

g 12
Avoid any sand or other particeles in the water to protect the glass getting scratched.

g 13
All doors with the small bottom profile are not waterproofed compared with the normal frame profile.

g 14
Point of vent arrow points to handle side.

g 15
All windows and doors are viewed from the inside.

g 16
Changes in colour is no guarantee claim.

g 17
Visible rust on the hinges may happen and is no guarantee claim.

g 18
Unallowed deduction from the invoice result in losing guarantee.

g 19
An annual control has to be ordered to maintain the guarantee.

g 20
Cost for storage may be charged if the period get more than two weeks.

n 1
Datum line ( to finished floor level ) needed on both sides of the wall where doors get installed.

n 2
It´s needed to get information for each room what kind of floor and on which height will be installed.

n 3
To change the datum line between measurements and installation is not allowed.

n 4
The cavity wall has to be closed where the window get installed.

n 5
In case the windows were not covered during plastering the glass and framed has to be cleaned immediatley with a lot of water.

n 6
The builder is responsible for the right measurements of the openings and also that they are in level.

n 7
The plaster thickness has to be done as worked out in the meetings upfront.

n 8
The covering of the windows and doors is not included in the price.

n 9
At new buildings the waterproofing to the doors and windows is on the builder.

n 10
The openings have to be the measurements as agreed.