When deciding for new windows please have in mind:

Function | Appearance | Cost

Admitting Daylight
Allowing natural light into a home is the most important function of a window. Even though we have become reliant on electric light, good window design and placement

Fresh Air
In most homes, windows provide the primary means to control airflow. We open windows to provide fresh air, ventilate odours, dissipate heat and moisture, and create air movement on hot days. Nearly all windows you can get with a tilt function, which allows you an airflow without the possibility for burglars to get access through the window. Also for all higher levels than ground level, you get the advantage of easy cleaning the outside of the window, because the windows open to the inside.

Providing Views

When we think of windows, the association is not with the windows itself, but with the view provided. Windows provide a connection with the natural environment, and relief from interior spaces.

A Physical Link With The Outdoors

Windows and doors bring a sense of space into any room. Opening onto outdoor entertaining areas, they provide the perfect transition from interior to exterior.