There are a lot of good reasons for having double glazed windows in one's house:

  • No wind and dust because of 2 rubber sealings
  • Make your home more liveable with added ventilation through tilt function
  • Brighten up a dull room with larger windows and more light
  • Cut down the glare from direct sunlight
  • Give your home a whole new look
  • Much more security
  • Energy saving

But the three most important are the following:

Did you know that noise is a major cause of stress and health-related problems?
Your windows are the weakest barrier to noise coming into your home. Double glazing will reduce the noise pollution entering your home.
It is possible to build in windows near to a street or an airport and you will not hear the traffic noise.


Until recently, all clear glass was the primary building material used in windows. Although glass is durable and allows a high percentage of sunlight to enter buildings, it has very little resistance to heat flow. Choosing energy efficient windows is one of the simplest and most cost effective measures you can take to ensure a comfortable home all year round.

It has long been recognised that conventional single glazed windows are the weakest thermal link within a home. Even though windows generally account for a small area of the building envelope, they are the area of greatest heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. In energy saving double glazing from Massclusivity is more than 6 times better than single glazed windows and at least double as good as local double glazing.

In a typical insulated house 40% of the energy loss is through your windows. Wasted money on heating and cooling your home. Double glazing will save you money year after year!
One of the most important characteristics of a good window is thermal efficiency. A window must not only admit maximum light, it must be energy efficient. It must function to maintain internal room temperature with a minimum use of energy. A window does not consume energy by itself, however it can have a significant impact on the amount of energy consumed by the building as a whole.
On a cold day, a single glazed window will lose up to ten times the amount of heat than an insulated wall of the same size will. A window with poor energy characteristics will also cause discomfort. Energy efficient window insulation can be achieved without losing your views, simply by double glazing. There are many glass and glazing combinations to choose from when double glazing your windows. Axel Zimmermann can advise you on the most suitable combinations for your home and lifestyle.

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For safety reasons there is a lot of possibilities in the choice of different double glazing. Protection against attacs with an axe or bullet proofed windows, all is possible. Even protection against explosives we can offer.
Already the standard window has got a locking system all around in the frame. If you turn the handle to close the window it get locked at multiple points.If you've got the window in tilt position it is not possible to turn the handle from the outside. Forget the burglar bars - they are not needed anymore if you chose windows from us.