Why double glazing ?
Why are the windows imported ?
Are imported windows not too expensive because of the long way from Germany ?
How long does it take to import the windows ?
Why does the windows donīt get produced in South Africa ?
Do I have to pay the tax and the delivery cost later on ?
Are there damages at the wall and sills when the old window get removed and the new window installed ?
Can I install burglar bars after the new windows are in ?
What happens if a double glazed glass pane get destroyed ?
Why can I not go for brown PVC windows ?
How long is the life span of a window ?
Why do the German windows and doors open to the inside ?
How high can I go with a single door ?
Is a triple glazed window better for noise reduction ?
Is it possible only to change the glass into a double glazed glass pane in the existing frame to increase insulation and noise reduction ?