Who we are!

Massclusivity is a new company, founded by Axel Zimmermann, who has a 30 years long knowledge in window producing. He had the leadership of a family company in Stuttgart / Germany which is more than 144 years old.
With over 30 years experience in the double-glazing window industry, rest assured that you will receive taylor made advise and products to meet all your double-glazing needs.

Three very good reasons for Double Glazing:

Reduced noise pollution Reduced heating in winter and cooling costs in summer Enhanced security

You've got the choice!

Massclusivity offers a lot of different options regarding functionality and design. Please let us help you to find out the perfect solution for you:

Tilt and turn windows have been a popular choice of window in many countries for some time. Please check what is yours.
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Framing Options
Massclusivity offers you a great selection of frames in different materials and colours. They differ from each other optically, by look and feel and they have different performance characteristics.
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Glazing Options
No one type of glazing is suitable for every application. Many materials are available that serve a variety of purposes.
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